What's Wrong Tohei?

by What's Wrong Tohei?

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released August 29, 2009

recorded by Jesse Gander at Hive Creative Labs



all rights reserved


What's Wrong Tohei? Vancouver, British Columbia

this band is from Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Archaeology
Round up your livestock there is a plague in the streets
We'll burn them all at the edge of town we'll burn them all
Round up your children there is a fire in the fields
We'll flood it all rebuild in the spring we'll flood it all

Year after Year
Blight after Blight
We'll weather through any storm
To hold this claim

Grow back blackened crops there are mouths to feed
We'll waste away but begin anew we'll waste away
Raise up your slaughtered flock there are ploughs to pull
We'll weather through any storm we'll weather through

Hold on
Track Name: Ladders
Did you think that you were going to work?
Going to work on your friends
We're not looking for a promotion
But we all need a little raise

We need a raise to get up above this truth
That you're holding over our heads
And i'm telling you we're not your opportunity
For you to flex your wit

Aren't you clever?
Picking up the tab on the company dime

So i guess that you've got a point
That you feel that you must make

Alright just say it
You're in the right

There's no argument here
But still i'm keeping my words
Track Name: Dog Houses
You've got your hand on your head
But the signal is dead
You've got your foot on the gas
Driving you straight to the top
A carnaval of assholes that will never stop
Stacking doghouses upon sun rooms
A gym a jail a slice of something in between
A broken needle a hidden beach treasure

Roll over your bloated form it's so paper thin
And i can see right through you
I can see the other side
It makes me wish that i was blind


Dragging me by the collar
On your shitty parade
It's not my mess
You're rubbing my nose in

Guilty for shitting on the throne
Track Name: Nails
There's shadows moving in the garden
Board up the windows lock the front door
Hide in the attic hide in the basement
Stockpile your food boil water

They're coming back
Coming for you

You shut it up
To shut it out
To shut out
Your fictional home
You shut it out
To shut in
To be a shut in
In your fictional home

Oh and every knock
Is the sound of your world coming down

Oh nails they only hold you up
Oh nails they only hold you back
Oh nails they only hold you in
Oh nails they only hold you down

Pull out your nails
We're coming in
Track Name: Jupiter
Broken yeah from the start off of ocean ice fields
Not content to be left with following larger stars

Not content to be traveling in circles and orbits
I left under a disguise calloused over time

I'm losing this freezing ice comet
I'm hitting the planet like a fireball
I'm breaking the sky and leveling the forest
Knock the country folk on their sorry asses

Say your prayers
Send your rockets
Throw up the barricades
Dig your ditches
Dig them deep

It's going to take more than cement
To keep me from flattening your home
More than a coming of age story
To set me straight on my careening path
You're trying to solve phantom problems
With the help of realistic solutions
I'm selling a pat on the back like a packaged slap in the face
I'm coughing in your mouth to deliver a vaccine

Like a spy or a liar
A stone covered in flowers
Sneaking by the censors
Thrown through your window
Getting lost in a bigger picture
Outlining the coast
Breaking off of the pack
To live in the floe
Track Name: Legal Tender
Come on
What are you running for?
Let the race pass you by
You've got time
Time to spare
Time to waste
Time to reflect
On your way back home

It's all short shorts and collapsed lungs
Coughing up cold coughing up blood
First to finish the race come in last place
It's all currency

Where do we belong in all of this?
Who is selling out?
Who is holding on?
Who will be there?
When everyone else is gone

If not you there's no one
Without you there's no one
Track Name: Heat Gun
Don't let it stop your heart
Don't let it drop the beat
Don't let the panic give up on us
On what we had on what we need

Get up on the floor
I want to see some action
Head for the door
What's your reaction?
It's fight or flight
No other option

I'm just looking for a leg to stand on
So if you don't mind me stepping on your feet
Oh then baby won't you dance with me?
Come on baby yeah dance with me alright

Track Name: Destroy It All
Oh it's a break in on an open door
A staged robbery on the bankrupt
Left with only walls to take with you
It brings down the roof from over our heads

Destroy it all

Oh it's a cliffhanger short on a sequel
To be continued under a ghostwriter's conclusion
And your left hand copies your right hand mistakes
So you're dealing out your punishment double dose

Throw away all your ties

Accelerated for a future of corrections
Inventions of problems perplexing conditions to

Destroy it all
Track Name: Pitch
Let's eat let's drink
To fill the burning acid stains
Caving our insides like a sinkhole

Let's work let's rest
To smooth the earthquake landscape
A quick fix on a totally fucked scene

Let's start let's stop
To keep the time on a changing beat
Of a rhythmless tone deaf foul drone

Measure by measure
We were only waiting for the next beat
We couldn't be made to sit still
To listen for the moments in between
How we ate all of the pieces
And complained how our hands got caught in our mouths

Then spit it out

Our dirty hands are guilty hands
Now everything we touch tastes loses it shine
And all that we eat tastes like everything
Everything our dirty hands have been on

Our mouths are closest to our ears
Our words are the first that we hear
Our bodies stretch out from our minds
Like dull emissaries on blind missions
Sent not to observe but only to consume
Sent not to digest but only to amass a trophy kill

Spit it out
Spit it up
Track Name: Winterking
Even when i'm king
I dream of different things
Like a castle to be free from
And a ground to touch again
When i've had it up to here
With being at the top

Even though i'm a subject to change
I believe in constant things
Like loyalty to sovereignty
Carried over by blood
Track Name: Universal
Well i'm still screaming after all of these years
Looking for something to be wrong that i can set right

Believing that there is a cause
For any who is willing stand
And that there is not just one answer
That will solve it all
Not it all no

Apes on the ground look to the sky
Man's in the air catching on fire