Sick Days

by What's Wrong Tohei?

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released September 1, 2011

Recorded by Jesse Gander at the Hive



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What's Wrong Tohei? Vancouver, British Columbia

this band is from Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Vacuum Sealed
We can't stretch out
We can't stretch these days out
We can't shake free
We can't shake our curses free
And it feels like we're stuck
Like we're stuck in our death throes

Screaming over and over how you can't breathe
Track Name: Poison Ground
The rate bite that gives me the fever
It burns like an infection and it's killing me

Live underground

Dragging me down
Into the gutter
Through the gutter
Into the sewer
In the sewage
Where no one goes
In the sewer where there's no life
There's no sound
Nothing grows
No nothing grows
In poison ground

Who do you trust when there's no survivors?
In a plane wreck i'll be your black box
I'll tell you everything that you need to know

Water all you like it will wilt
Track Name: Steady Breathing
Breathe deep
Or don't breathe at all
If a fair gust is going to pop these tiny lungs
If i believe it then i must admit that
It was getting to me
Like everyone else
So don't sweat it

Breathe deep
No don't breathe at all
For a fair gust is going to pop these tiny lungs
So i believe it then i must admit that
It was getting to me
Like everyone else
So don't sweat it
Take a walk

Take a walk get some air
Try to take it easy
Try to enjoy the view

I feel no more pain
I outlived my angst
I feel no more pain
Given up on anger
Given up on jerking the yoke
Oh the silence it makes me sick
Track Name: Cruise Boat
Cruise Boat
How you get there

It's not often that i leave myself enough time
Hey man are you okay
Not often i'll take a day off
You look tired
Or even just to kick off early in the afternoon
Maybe you should take it easy
Every few months i should to take a vacation
You look like shit

When you're old, man
You've got to pace yourself
Or you will shut down

Cruise boat
Take Note
Build a cabin
Follow through
Make an escape
How do you get there?
Cruise boat
Track Name: Repo Man
A non compete clause
In a city of athletes
Arms unwilling to act out
And a jury of sedentary legs say you stay
Hard time curled up thumb in mouth
Born again on parole
Freedom like a slump in the chair
Short on glory but i accept it

The collectors are in the door
I've been busy in the attic while they bleed me out the basement
Filling their coffers with trash
That kept me out of my rooms with the waste that kept me in

Scriptures reinterpreted under contortions
For comfort for escape washed away
Words choke to obey the hunger to obey the belly
Idols kept us righteous
Idols keep us warm
They sell well to keep the lights on
Track Name: Stumped
Collecting tongues
Nailed to the inside of our skulls
It's your words in my voice
Still your empty mouth it runs on

Keeps telling me
Like there's going to be a change this time
Like you've been talking shit
Saving your genius until the monster is stitched

Pull it together
Set it free a marching memory
Shuddering in the torchlight
Pitchforks and torches

You've got
Peeling skin
Rotten skin
And the dead ends on our nerves
These are our burned out connections

No feeling in these limbs
Track Name: Altar
You will no longer be the uncle
But the father of children's cousins
They will no longer see your cool
Because everything that you were afraid of, it is true
But you won't care anymore
When you're not living in fear

You're not living in fear

Keeping your focus on the horizon
Though the whole world pushes up against you
It could all be yours but you want and need
And you keep your distance sacred

Oh but i could keep the sky arms length away
From falling down
But i could not push it back into place

Believers believe that their altars never falter
Track Name: Fitness
We have a way of falling out of line
An old habit of letting things slide
A formless mass seeking nurturing hands

You pour the mould and i'll make the cast
No longer a weakling i feel in shape

Everyday has been another bullet
In your checklist
An agreement that everything is fine
Everyday has been spent sanding down your form
Getting it right
Everyday has been another request

So i'm taking orders for a custom fit

So tell me how this has got to go
Because i'm through with being my own dude
I'll be your trainer when you need guidance
I'll be your spotter when the world becomes too heavy
I'll be your coach when you need to run the extra mile
Ah screw it i'll be you
If that's what you want
I'll be your trainer
I'll be your spotter
I'll be your coach
I'll be your prodigy
I'll be your ghostwriter
I'll be your scapegoat
I'll be your public relations
Track Name: Burning
Walk into the fire
Lead us in your path
Some of us we soaked in the river
Some of us we soaked in gas

We burn all that we touch

So hold on to your receipt
Redeem you proof of purchase
Hold on to your paperwork
File away under complete
Hold on to your contracts
Adhere to the fine print
Hold on to their promises
Burn their word at the stake

Say it so that you can believe it
You have an answer or you have a question
Right or wrong say it let it begin

And the heavier that you get
The harder it is for you to get a grip
You're hanging over a hole
Where you don't fit in

Living your life on the dotted line
Hanging your head on the chopping block
Track Name: Water
Blank as a chalkboard corrected of a bad equation
Math proven wrong and no good for settling disputes
Despite simple shapes and straight lines
Despite controls and constants to leash my thoughts

Are you sure? Is it sound?
Are you sure? Of the argument

I drift off in blinking lights
I'm lost in a study pulse
I nod off at passing dots
I'm lost in a regular beat

So you were saying...
I hope there's more
Let's bring it all above board
And get a head count on your problems
I think i'm hooked

I've got a solution

Lost here in a small town
Lost here in amputation
Lost here looking for authority
Lost here looking for icebergs
Lost here waiting for strangers
Lost here drifting out of touch